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Strategic partnerships and referrals are the foundation of all our business! Partnering with businesses in our area is an exciting part of what Keller Williams is all about. Accountability, excellence, honor, and teamwork define our partnerships. Let's promote and build local businesses and see Oregon's economic standing grow and succeed!

The "Win-Win" for Business Partnerships means Increased Visibility, Increased Clientele, Increased Credibility, and Increased Productivity, as well as Deeper Relationships.

Keller Williams' WI4C2TS

Win Win-or no deal

Integrity-do the right thing

Commitment-in all things

Communication-seek first to understand

Creativity-ideas before results

Customers-always come first

Teamwork-together everyone achieves more

Trust-starts with honesty

Success-results through people

Questions, Comments or Concerns?

How is Keller Williams Preferred Business Partnership working for you? It is our goal to see your business succeed, especially in these tough economic times.  Together, we can see our lovely area turn around in the midst of seemingly impossible odds. Do you have any concerns with prior or current clients, agents or other partners? Would you like to take your partnership to the next level? Please contact the Director of First Impressions, at your service to make this a true Win-Win partnership!

Corvallis: 541.738.7770
Albany: 541.704.2737